More than 53 thousand marriages were registered through Egov.kz.
  Citizen Service Centers of the country are working at their own level. One of them is the registration of the birth of a child, the appointment of social benefits for the loss of income due to pregnancy and childbirth, the appointment of benefits for the birth and care of a child under one year. For example, in the first 8 months of this year, more than 145,000 birth certificates were issued through Kazakhstan's Citizen Service Centers, mo..
Sholpan Korganbek dedicated the song to the great poet, philosopher-humanist, composer Abay Kunanbayev
Sholpan Korganbek dedicated the song to the great poet, philosopher-humanist, composer Abay Kunanbayev Sholpan Korganbek is an artist, cultural figure, leader of the traditional ensemble "Korkyt" of the State Academic Philharmonic of the city of Nur-Sultan. The musical image of the work is associated with the significant personality of Abay. In this work, the image of a great writer, a Kazakh thinker, is revealed through a description of the uniq..
Egemen Kazakhstan has had the right to publish articles of the Project Syndicate project
  Egemen Kazakhstan, with the support of the Ministry of Information and Social Development, has the exclusive right to publish articles of the Project Syndicate, which develops unique content on important and topical issues in the world. "The authors of the Project Syndicate include world-class politicians, scientists, researchers, businessmen, 45 Nobel Laureates and 111 heads of state. Project materials are published in more than 500 media..
Elbasy(the first president) is registered in the "primaries" system
The First President of Kazakhstan - President Nursultan Nazarbayev has registered in the "Primary" system. This was announced by the President's spokesman Aidos Ukibay. "Today, Nursultan Nazarbayev got acquainted with the election program of the candidates and he was authorized to participate in the voting process in the information system" Primerize ". As you know, the online voting for the primaries will take place on October 1-3 this year, "Ai..
The horse is the soul of Kazakh people
One of the most  favourite animals of the Kazakh people is a horse. He was first taught by the Kazakh people. In recent years, scientists studying the Botai settlement have come to the same conclusion. We decided to find out the unknown features of the animal, which is one of the seven treasures of our nation. We analyze the events of the Kazakh way of life. The main feature of a horse is that it never forgets its place of birth and location. Bec..
Today, the national Premier League matches will be continued
Today, the football championship of Kazakhstan will continue. Games stopped due to the pandemic will be started without spectators. We should remind that during the break, Irtysh football club refused to take part in the national championship due to lack of funds. Nur-Sultan football club "Astana" will not play in this round because it has no opponents. Round 3 matches of the Premier League of Kazakhstan will be held in five cities. At 18:00 "Kai..
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