Social politics
Social politics
Young environmentalist from Shymkent took a prize at the republican forum
In the city of Nur-Sultan, the republican forum of young ethnographers, ecologists and nature researchers "Tabigatty ayala" was held in an online format. At the forum, organized with the aim of attracting students to environmental activities, fostering environmental culture and literacy, the honor of the city of Shymkent was defended by 6 students who became the winners of the city stage. This was reported by specialists of the city education dep..
Social politics
Are 36 universities closed? The Ministry of Education and Science issued a statement
There were reports on WhatsApp that 36 universities had been closed. The Ministry of Education and Science has issued an official statement in this regard. Vice Minister Miras Daulenov explained the situation as follows: "On behalf of the President, we are working in two directions. First, the complete closure of weak universities, and secondly, in this case, the universities are of poor quality, lack of equipment, and so on. deprivation of a lic..
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