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There are many beautiful rest  places in Almaty. Another green garden was recently added to that list. The Bolat Utemuratov Foundation has invested $ 15 million in the reconstruction of the former Almaty Botanical Garden.

“This is a charity project. We have been guided by three basic principles. The first is to take care of the plants in the garden. Preservation and reproduction of its green fund in collaboration with the staff of the Institute of Botany and Phytointroduction.

The second is the use of environmentally friendly, high-quality building materials by using best practices and expertise in design. Architecture and infrastructure planning is for creation a truly comfortable and safe public space.

The third is project transparency and accountability. In particular, the establishment of a dialogue with the active population of the city and environmental organizations through public opinion polls and social networks, "said Marat Aitmagambetov, Director of the Bolat Utemuratov Foundation.

Nowadays, besides the residents and guests of the city, the tourists  visit the Main Botanical Gardenfrom abroad. The main focus is on plant protection.

174.3 thousand new plants were planted in the garden. Among them are rare species and varieties - more than 1300 new willows (cedar, juniper, cherry, apple, pear, plum, oak, maple, birch, spruce species), 40 thousand shrubs, 130 thousand cereals and perennial flowers, 3 Thousands of roses, "Shantekler" pears, red-leaved "Royal Red" maple (planted for the first time outside Europe), several varieties of magnolia, exclusive bonsai trees are planted. There is also a  sakura, which is a real decoration of the renovated garden.

Gulvira Askarkizi

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