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A collection of selected works of Abay was published by the Moscow publishing house "Russian Rarity". The book was published in Moscow, and what is its main feature?

First of all, the works of the great poet are systematically collected here. The person who opens the book first reads Abay's "The book of words". Through Abay's "T he book of words" translated into Russian, the general public expands its philosophical knowledge.

It's should be reminded  that the translators of Abay's  words are famous people  . They are the laureate of the USSR State Prize, the well-known writer Victor Shklovsky, Abai's 37th “the word” was translated by Leonid Sobolev, 38th  word was translated by Satimzhan Sanbayev. This is a translation that was successfully translated earlier.

Secondly, the collection presents 60 poems of the poet Abay in Russian. It was translated by culturologist, poet, philosopher Auezkhan Kodar. The amateur translation immediately brings to mind the poems of the poet Abay, which we have memorized since childhood.

Third, not all works grouped in a collection are translations. 30 poems of the poet are published in the book in the Kazakh language, in the original version. This is a great opportunity for anyone who really wants to read Abay in his native language. In particular, the philosopher-poet's poems "I do not write poems for fun", "My country, my Kazakhs, my admirers ...", "The language of love is a language without language", "Poem is the king of words, the master of words", "Light in a windless night" There are such popular songs as "Moon ...", "They can come in and grow", "An eagle owner goes hunting in Kansonar", "My eyes are black" and others.

Fourth, the collection includes poems of Kazakh poets dedicated to Abay translated into Russian. From this the reader is once again convinced that the Kazakh classical poet is a world figure. In fact, the poems of Magzhan Zhumabayev, Kalizhan Bekhozhin, Kassym Amanzholov, Zhuban Moldagaliev, Tumanbay Moldagaliev, Kairat Zhumagaliyev draw the open-minded reader to the world of Abay.

Fifth, the collection contains pictures of the era in which the poet lived. Here are photos of Abay  with his family and children. These paintings from the early nineteenth century testify to Abay's life through photographic data. These photos are taken from the Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Sixth, the paintings of Kazakh artists dedicated to Abay are grouped separately. This collection is very clear.

Seventh, there are monuments to Abay in Kazakhstan and around the world. All this enriches and enhances the content of the book.

Eighth, who compiled this collection? He is the best in the field of culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan, A. of the Russian Academy of Languages. С. The winner of the Pushkin Medal is Saule Mansurova.

In general, Saule Mansurova, who is actively involved in the Russian-Kazakh cultural and educational relations, has made a great contribution to the study of Abay's heritage. From 2003 to 2007 he published a collection of selected works by Abay. Under his leadership, the publishing house "Khudozhestvennaya literatura" published several collections on the relationship between Abay and Pushkin. On the 175th anniversary of Abay, the culturologist, who was awarded the Order "Kurmet" by the Decree of the President for his significant work, returned to the work of the poet. Thus, on the eve of the anniversary, Abay's selected works were published in Russian.

In the foreword to the book, Saule Mansurova said, “Abay was the first people's university for the Kazakh steppe. The content, rhythm, style of Abay's poems resonated with the heart of an ordinary person. Abay is not only a thinker who remains in the space of the nation, he is a renaissance figure.

Connection with Russian culture determined Abay's social orientation.  Along with Pushkin, Goethe, Shakespeare and Descartes, Abay is also a member of the pantheon of world cultural figures.

True, the Russian spiritual world is not alien to Abay. Today, the two nations are linked by centuries-old cultural ties. In 2006, when he was Kazakhstan's ambassador to Russia, Taiyr Mansurov initiated the erection of a monument to Abay in Moscow. This monument was unveiled in the year of Abay and Pushkin. It is known that Nursultan Nazarbayev and Vladimir Putin took part in the ceremony and spoke.

Abay's work, Abay's world is eternal. Undoubtedly, the younger generation will learn a lot from the deep philosophical thoughts and instructive poems of the Kazakh genius poet.

Speaking in January 2020, President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev said, “Through Abay, we will show our country to the world. The personality of the poet makes a significant contribution to the promotion of the national spirituality of Kazakhstan at the global level. Abay's legacy should become an important part of the "Spiritual Revival" program. In fact, Abay is a mirror of the Kazakh identity, ”he said.

Therefore, Abay's world is an eternal value.

Berik Beisenuly

The national portal"Adyrna"

Translated and edited by:Nagima Bazarkizi

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