The most expensive football player in Kazakhstan

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The rating of the most expensive football players in Kazakhstan has been updated, Adyrna correspondent reports citing
According to Transfermarkt, Jacek Guralski from Poland, who plays for Kairat, has become an expensive player. His transfer fee is now 2.5 million euros.
In second place is another player of "Kairat" Aderinsola Eseola from Ukraine - 2.2 million euros. The third place was taken by the leading player of "Astana" Marin Tomasov from Croatia. His transfer fee has dropped to 2 million euros.
Top 10 most expensive football players in the professional football league of Kazakhstan:
1. Jacek Guralski (Kairat, Poland) - 2.5 million euros;
2. Aderinsola Eseola ("Kairat", Ukraine) - 2.2 million euros;
3. Marin Tomasov (Astana, Croatia) - 2 million euros;
4-5. Rade Dugalic (Kairat, Serbia) - 1.8 million euros;
4-5. Dmitry Shomko (Astana, Kazakhstan) - 1.8 million euros;
6-8. Dorin Rotariu (Astana, Romania) - 1.7 million euros;
6-8. Pieros Sotiriu (Astana, Cyprus) - 1.7 million euros;
6-8. Dino Mikanovic (Kairat, Croatia) - 1.7 million euros;
9-12. Stas Pokatilov (Kairat, Kazakhstan) - 1.5 million euros;
9-12. Roman Murtazaev (Tobol, Kazakhstan) - 1.5 million euros;
9-12. Nuraly Alip (Kairat, Kazakhstan) - 1.5 million euros;
9-12. Tigran Barsegyan (Astana, Armenia) - 1.5 million euros.
It's worth noting that Tomasov has been at the top of the rankings for several seasons. His transfer fee fell from 3.8 million to two million.

National portal "Adyrna"