Ways of  making young people stay in the country

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In recent years, many young people are leaving the country abroad. Among them are ambitious and very talented young people and scientists who can make a significant contribution to the prosperity of our country. Why has the number of young people going abroad increased? Talgat Narikbayev, the head of the ADAL BILIM project office of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, recently told the media about the future of Kazakhstan - how to stop the exodus of young people from the country.

The main reason is the high quality of life abroad and the development of education. This includes the fact that education abroad is becoming more accessible every day. For example, there are various ways to get free education in German universities. Other countries also have different scholarship programs. On the other hand, Kazakhstan has an opportunity to get a good education and work experience. We know this from our students and graduates who are competitive abroad and successfully work in international companies around the world. For example, some of the strongest private universities in Kazakhstan are beginning to realize that it is no longer profitable to rely solely on a mass of cheap grants, as in public universities. Such universities are trying to strengthen their staff by attracting specialists trained abroad. For example, in order to stop the outflow of young people abroad, KazHLU brought together in its team the best domestic academic staff and the strongest specialists in the field of international education, and established contacts with the best universities. Today, Kazakh State Law University has more than 100 teachers who have studied abroad. They studied in France, Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland, USA, Spain, China, Singapore, Cyprus, Egypt, India, Australia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Russia and Turkey. About half of them are Bolashak graduates. They graduated from prestigious universities such as Harvard, Cambridge and Oxford. Their free and creative thinking meets the highest academic requirements, and now they, in turn, can change the minds of students. In addition to foreign education, it is important to understand that students need to be trained by the best professionals in their field.

In the professional field, there are various authoritative certification standards that objectively confirm the high level of the teacher. The vast majority of teachers of Kazakh State Law University have international professional certificates TKT, CELTA, DELTA, CFA, ACCA, FRM, SPHRi, CIPD, IPMA, GARP, IABFM. If we can create conditions for professors in our country, as in Western countries, to provide quality education, then we can stop the departure of our intellectual citizens, attract foreign applicants to Kazakhstan and optimize this process.

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Prepared by Aizhan Perdebekovna

Translated by:National portal “Adyrna”