1,208 medical workers received one-time social aids in the country .

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1,208 health workers involved in the fight against COVID-19 in the country (sick ) received a one-time social payment from the Social Insurance Fund (SSIF). The cost of a one-time payment is 2 millions tenge. In addition, the Social Insurance Fund transferred payments to the relatives of 10 medical workers who died as a result of the disease. Adyrna correspondent reports with reference to the Ministry of Labor.
The lump-sum payment is determined by special commissions under the health departments based on the results of examinations of sick medical workers. Collection of applications is carried out by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan, then applications are submitted to NJSC "State Corporation" Government for Citizens "for the formation of electronic case models, and then sent to the Social Insurance Fund for payment.
As of 9:00 am on September 4, the SFSA had assigned and paid funds at the request of 1,208 health workers infected with COVID-19 or viral pneumonia and at the request of 10 health workers who had died of the disease.
The highest number of payments for COVID-19 or viral pneumonia was registered in 6 regions: Nur-Sultan - 227, Almaty - 128, Almaty region - 99, Karaganda region - 95 and Akmola region - 94 health workers received 2 millions tenge.
The Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Minister of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan on April 9 »In accordance with the amendments made to the joint order on July 22 of the current year, the above payment:
- for medical workers infected with coronavirus infection or viral pneumonia - 2 mln. tenge;
- In case of death from COVID-19 coronavirus infection, viral pneumonia - to their family - 10 mln. tenge will be paid.

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