Omirkul Ainiyazov: The number of uneducated singers has increased

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The next interview of the national portal "Adyrna" was with the famous singer, cultural figure of Kazakhstan, laureate of the "Serper" award Omirkul Ainiyazov.

- Mr. Omirkul, how did you come to art?

- I aspired to art since childhood. After all, our dynasty was close to music and mood. We are the descendants of Nurtugan Zhyrau. I took the first step on the path of professional art from my family. Everyone before me was a villager and sang at meetings. My father wants me to be an artist. He took me to music school from the 4th grade. Before that I grew up sitting in front of our grandfather Otepbergen in the village and listening to his terme. After graduating from 9th grade, I entered the Aktobe Music College named after A. Zhubanov. Then I came to Almaty. At that time, the stars of our brothers Kydyrali and Medeu were shining on the stage. Seeing them, I continued my education at the conservatory with the dream that we would be like that. In the traditional singing class I studied for four years with the great Kazakh singer Saule Zhanpeisova. When I was a student, I followed the example of our brothers Berik Zhusupov, Ramazan Stamgaziev, Yerzhan Kosbarmakov. In the 4th year I got a job in the Almaty Regional Philharmonic named after Suyunbay. At that time, the institution was headed by Altynbek Korazbayev. He hired me and I have been on stage since the 2000s. Today I have been working in it for 21 years.

– It's wonderful. Have you ever regretted being a singer?

- The fun and excitement of art go hand in hand. It requires hard work and a long search. Material circumstances also play a role. You need a lot of money for stage costumes, voice recordings, videos. In this sense, I did not suffer, I suffered. But I did not want to leave the art and go somewhere else to improve my situation. I was very patient and calm. The staff of the Philharmonic initially helped me to make a video. You know my repertoire very well. It takes a long time to absorb and promote traditional songs. They are not instant hits. But, thankfully, we were not inferior to anyone. Today the people know and bless. I have no regrets about being a singer. Some journalists ask, "If you had the opportunity to start all over again, what profession would you choose?" they ask. I always say, “Thank God, I have a lot of talent in art. I would choose this field again. " Because my songs calm my heart.

- Are traditional songs appreciated enough today?

- It is not a secret that songs played on the dombra are not in demand today and are sung only in certain circles. I think it also depends on the time. However, traditional music is a developing industry. This is evidenced by the great hordes of art. Today, there is one music college in any city of Kazakhstan. Every year a number of young people graduate with a degree in "traditional music". They go on tour and suppress people's longing for music. We have a lot of questions to ask. People often ask, "Why don't they shine like pop stars, why isn't the hall full?" they ask. First of all, traditional song is a classical art. We have a wide audience that understands music. Concerts are being staged. For my part, I suggest that at state and show concerts, the nation should be shown as a nation, and the concert should be accompanied by traditional songs. In general, today people listen only to pop singers. I don't think we can bring up a generation with those songs. Our generation needs philosophy, culture, Kazakhness and ideas in traditional songs. And there is a demand for formatted, modern traditional songs that I perform. You can probably see it in my concerts. I get a lot of invitations, I'm successful in many projects. I hope that in the future there will be more young people who will perform traditional songs, such as Galymzhan Zholdasbay, Aigul Kosanova, Aigul Elshibayeva, Ramazan Stamgaziev.

- Many people think that "today's songs and melodies are meaningless." Let us know your point of view.

- Yes, pop songs are often criticized. The number of songs that last a year or two has increased. Our young people also became interested in it. On the one hand, today's stage is full of uneducated singers. There are a lot of people who go to amateur and amateur composers, record and perform songs. Light songs are becoming more and more popular due to the lack of knowledge and low level. An artist has to offer people a meaningful world that reflects the level of music. We are lame in this regard. Of course, we have enough good singers. However, the songs that have been written recently have become more and more popular.

- Do you plan to become a producer in the future?

- Producer is a separate profession. It has several genres: inventing something new or selling finished material; invest your money and raise someone. I'm not involved in any of this. Probably not. Today, as I have my own studio, I help two or three children to perform at my concerts. This is not a producer. You can understand it as a simple family support. I have no plans to become a professional producer yet. Now my son is studying directing. Maybe I will turn my studio into a production center. It is a matter of time.

- You said that your son is on the path of art. Didn't you object to his choice at first?

- My son chose the first specialty "acting". I did not object and gave him the right to choose. He graduated from the College of the Kazakh National Academy of Arts named after TK Zhurgenov. Later he continued his studies and entered the directing department. Basically, he wanted to go to film directing, but because he had a place in television directing, he entered that profession. He intends to continue his work in the specialty he is currently studying. We did not impose any restrictions. I am also an artist. I hope that he will be able to shoot videos of the center and improve his art. Maybe he will go to the cinema. It depends on the talent and requirements.

- We know that your wife Farida Ainiyazova is also close to art. Can we see a duet in the future?

- I met Farida thanks to art. We went to college together. He chose the path of teaching, and I chose the stage. She did not appear on stage. My wife is a kuishi and sings at home. Probably not a duet yet. And we are waiting for good news. God willing, if we have a baby, we will raise a child. Such a project is unlikely in the next 2-3 years.

- Congratulations on your good news! After 21 years, you want to be a father again. This is not a short time. It is a time to test one's patience and perseverance. What advice would you give to families who have been expecting a baby for many years?

- For some time we followed the Kazakh myth and hid our news. Of course, we waited a long time for this baby. I had to be patient. We tested and searched a lot. I want to say to those who can't love a baby, never look for hope. You can't break up a family just because it didn't happen. I wish young people patience. May the whole family be happy and prosperous!

- In this regard, let's talk about the situation in the country. We all know that mass vaccination began on February 1. How do you feel about getting vaccinated?

- I have a positive attitude. In general, I support vaccination as a literate, open-minded person. The vaccine is recommended by qualified specialists and the Ministry of Health. I can say that I have a good idea when we discuss this topic with our friends. Because it is an airborne epidemic, no one knows when it will be transmitted. Of course, we need to protect ourselves from the coronavirus. I haven't had it yet, I will think about if I'm invited in the future.

- Thank you for the interview! We wish you creative success!

Interview with Diana Asan,

Translated by: National portal "Adyrna"