We couldn’t help for December heroes

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Today the governor of Alatau district gave a meal and recited the Koran for the victims of December. The event was attended by Altynay Asanova, the mother of the hero and the victim of December Lyazzat Asanova. During the event, December residents were arguing over the provision of 150,000 tenge from the state. However, this time, on December 16 of each year, Altynay did not receive the money. "Why isn't money given to our sister Altynay?" Yeraly Mambetbayev, the chairman of Akikat December organization in Alatau district, answered the question as follows.

- Now there are 12 December organizations in Almaty. Unfortunately, we are divided into organizations and our heads are still not united. Only those who were justified received the reward. About 300 people in Almaty received 150,000 tenge in December. I think that the money that is not given only to our sister Altynay will be resolved in the future. Personally, I want to raise this issue now.

Of course, it is interesting to note that at the event organized by the Alatau district's executive committee, Altynay mother was released with a sheet of paper. Eh, it seems that there is no other way but to say "I am a Kazakh who is good at blessing others and does not know how to do good for himself" ...

Akgul Aidarbekkizi,

National portal "Adyrna"